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Have You tried the Pills with Side Affects, or Spent Time and Money on Acoustic Wave Treatments without Seeing Results?

The Medical Staff at Lifestyle Men's Clinic can Help!

Regenerative Medicine Treatments are Proven Solutions, Backed by Science, that offer Long Term Results by Increasing Blood Flow.

One Treatment is all you need to Create Results.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

ED affects about 50% of men over 40. If you're experiencing it, there's no shame. We can help restore intimacy in your relationship without medication or ineffective treatments. Our Exclusive Stem Cell Treatments stimulate angiogenesis, promoting new blood vessel growth for improved blood flow in the male genital area. Unlike competitors using less effective shock wave treatments, our technique is efficient and yields better results.

We Create Customized, SAME DAY Solutions for ED that will GET YOU RESULTS quickly!

Lifestyle Men's Clinic Solutions

Our team is dedicated to providing cutting edge technology and excellent medical, health, and weight-loss treatments. Patient health, vitality and quality of life are our #1 priority.

Erectile Dysfunction

Regain Confidence & Vitality

Testosterone Therapy

Improve Sex Drive & Mood

Weight Loss Solutions

Manage Blood Sugar & Cravings

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About Lifestyle Men's Clinic

The Premier provider of Men's Health & Vitality Solutions

Looking good begins with feeling good…about your appearance and your health.

Lifestyle Men's Clinic staff is dedicated to providing excellent men's health services. The team’s ultimate objective is to improve patient’s quality of life and health. Everyone who seeks care at the clinic receives individualized attention and an actionable strategy to help our clients feel good about themselves inside and out.

Our Medical Experts provide a medical assessment for any of our procedures ensuring you will receive treatments that are designed for you individually and will get you the results that you have always wanted.
Make an appointment today to see for yourself the difference we can make in your life.

Our Mission

As a team, we are dedicated to providing our patients with men's services that are scientifically proven. We believe in cultivating long-lasting friendships based on empathy, open communication, and mutual regard. This improves the patient’s experience throughout the healthcare continuum and leads to improved healthcare outcomes.

Our Philosophy

We're more than just a men's clinic; we're your partners in the journey to a healthier, more confident you. Our philosophy is rooted in science, empathy, and communication. We believe that by fostering genuine, long-lasting relationships with our patients, we can enhance their healthcare experience and outcomes.

Our Promise

Every patient is our priority. We promise to deliver proven men's services that not only meet but exceed your expectations. We pledge to be there for you at every step, providing open and honest communication, and treating you with the respect and empathy you deserve.

Our Guarantee

Quality of life isn't just an outcome, it's a guarantee. We guarantee to provide treatments that are scientifically backed, prioritizing your health and wellbeing above all else. With us, you're not just receiving a service; you're investing in a better, healthier future.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How is this different than other treatments?

Our treatment is unique and not available at other facilities that promise to “restore” erectile performance. Our technique will re-establish blood flow to the genital area which is the core problem related to Erectile Dysfunction. Our treatment only requires one appointment with a subsequent follow up appointment. We have monthly memberships available to help make the cost of treatment more affordable. We understand this is a profound problem for many men and we are committed to help you reach your goals and re-establish intimacy in your relationship.


Is it painful?

Our Providers will use a high potency medical grade topical numbing cream that will ease the pinch of an injection. We also mix lidocaine into our proprietary Biologic Regenerative Booster, easing any additional pain. We also have a nitrous oxide machine available that can be used as an add on for this procedure, alleviating any anxiety associated with an injection.


What does recovery look like?

There is minimal downtime associated with a penile injection. There can be some residual swelling and possible bruising. The numbing cream and injected lidocaine can take a few hours to wear off but that is about all you can expect for recovery.


What can I expect in our first consultation?

During your initial appointment, our nurse practitioners will take the time to get to know you and listen to your goals. Our staff will work with you to determine your specific health goals and design a treatment plan to achieve them. The next stage is planning for future treatments. Contact us, and we will help you get through the process.

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